spring is springing.

I'm excited to start wearing shorts on the regular.
When I was a bit younger I would try my hardest to not wear shorts, even in the summer. I just wasn't into it. Now a days though, I'm all about it, makes no sense to me that I ever wasn't. Just one of those to cool for school things I guess.
I woke up early today, I drove Vanessa to work at 6:15am and then went on a coffee run for my store because we were out of Decaf espresso. I also bought a new coffee pot for our house because Tim Broke ours the other day while doing dishes, It was a good price and I brought home some super good coffee so I felt it needed to be replaced asap.
I'm off of work today, and tomorrow! Yesterday at my request, our landlord dropped off a 55gallon barrel at our house. These are used in the food industry to ship bulk items. I plan to convert this barrel into a water tank witch I will hook up to our rain gutter in the front of the house so that I can catch the rain. I will then use that caught water to feed our growing plants all summer long. So today I will begin working on that project.
I've started some seeds in our bedroom and bathroom(the two rooms which get the most light). This began a few weeks ago. The first round of seeds have sprouted and are looking great. Once I got that first set going well I started a second round and am currently awaiting for them to poke through and show themselves.
What you are looking at here is the starts of Onions, Carrots, Radishes, Swiss Chard, Spinach, And Oregano.
Under the plastic are more planted seedlings of the same listed above but in addition there is also, Sunflowers, And multiple varieties of Lettuce.

When the time is right I plan to transplant these little guys into the soil out in front of our house which I have been working over for the past week, getting it ready. At that time I'll also directly sow more seeds straight into the earth. By doing this I hope to have more plants growing at different stages throughout the season so that they will produce food over a longer period of time.

(these pictures are taken with vanessa's Mac. I have a nice camera which I got as a present from my parents for Christmas but the battery is dead. The next set of pictures will be nicer!)

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