Last night I tried my best to sleep through the partying going on down stairs. Ryan had friends over because nothing else was going on. I on the other hand was tired and vanessa was as well due to working till 11 and having to be back at work this morning at 7am. I on the other hand did not have to be back at work. I am off today. I downloaded some music from the band I recently stumbled into called "summer people" I like them a lot I think. What I did after that was walk up the block to Chimborazo park to stand in on a public meeting discussing the future of the Chimborazo Play Ground. Its a very diverse playground as of now and they plan to do some remolding and renovations. As of now there are two basketball courts, one of which is used by Skateboarders and free style bikers and the other is left open to play ball. there is also a play ground area for little children, a few rectangle courts where mostly older people get together to play bocce ball. A bunch of open green grass a tennis court, and a large community garden. Perfect in words not so perfect when seen visually.
The ramps that skateboards have built continue to get worn out, This causes an eye sore for the elders, and a hazard for the young ones. The park itself is worn out, it needs a face lift, There is a building for restrooms that is locked up in fear that leaving it open will attract homelessness, drugs and sex as said by the leader of the meeting this morning... I agree to an extent. They have big plans to help the whole community by helping this park but somehow when the budget was passed and things were priced, the first thing to make the cut off of the list was the idea to build a permanent skateboarding area.
Which is why I, along with other younger people made sure to have a presence in this meeting today. I may not have been living in this neighborhood long, Or who knows even how long I'll be here, But it's clear that this is bigger then just my existence here. In the end things seem to be moving in the right direction. No one seems opposed to the idea of building a skateboarding area in the plan for the park. The problem is when and how at this point. A 2nd meeting will be held on my birthday, the 19th to hopefully make an outline of what will be put into place and then a plan to fund the operation. As I and many others expressed this morning, People will come out of the wood works to volunteer time, money, and skills if it is set in stone that the parks department will do their part in helping on their end.
I'm excited to see something so good being put into place for the future of the neighborhood I'm currently living in, and its nice to be a part of the process. In today's meeting alone I met a bunch of new younger people I have never met before that live only blocks from me, and was able to introduce myself to the older generations that have spent the past 5-45 years in this neighborhood. If we didn't create a presence in the room the whole park would be picnic tables and bocce ball courts. No fun, no thanks.

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