last thursday vanessa, leanne, john, and myself got into vanessa's car and drove on down to Richmond, VA. we were invited to come down and party for Best Friends Day 9( www.bestfriendsday.net ) During our stay there in may while riding through Virginia. I sure am glad we lived up to our word and took the trip down. This summer has been fun, but that trip really made it great.
so we arrived thursday the 19th and stayed until monday the 23rd. Our stay in richmond was full of fun, beer, river hangin, the biggest pool party of my life, lots of bands, and some good bicycle crusin. Our first time through richmond was such a good time, and I hyped it up so much that i was worried of maybe being let down on our second time through, Not the case...
Infact vanessa and myself may just MOVE there. And this is real, we have talked about it a few times over the summer. We figured before we got the idea in our head to seriously we should take this trip down and see how we feel after. And well, we are totally into that idea. Its a city that is full of young people who are into the same kinda lifestlye and fun times as us, not only this but it is so affordable to live there. What i'd pay to live in a small studio apartment here in NY can get me a whole house with a yard in Virginia. Obviously with the coast of living going down the rate of pay goes down, but it dosen't seem to really go down all that much.
We have talked alot lately of wanting to take an extended trip to Europe, perhaps in a year. Being in NY, the only way we could possibly save the money for this would be to continue to live in our parents homes, and live a life we are not very happy living. I honestly feel we can have a good time and still save the money we need while in VA. This would most likely not be the case if we tried to move somewhere else. So I think we're going to go for it. My Job at the Bicycle store ends in a month anyway, So I have to find new work one way or another, might as well try to find it there.

In other news,
-Incredible people that have been in my life continue to pass away, and its tragic and upsetting but we try to deal and continue on.
-The weather has been great the past few days.
-we meet up with about 20 other people every Wednesday night for a group ride and hang sess, and this has led me to new friendships with people I never knew before returning back home.
-I cleaned my bedroom pretty good yesterday and i have the windows wide open and it makes waking up pretty nice.
-I just ate a bowl of curry chicken soup that vanessa made and it is so good, you can find the recipe here... www.weareallsosmall.blogspot.com
-I won $4 on a scratch off yesterday, im still trying to hit it big.
-I miss a lot of really good people who live in san diego. I owe richard like 3 postcards.
-im getting tattooed today by civ, it will be my 3rd session on my arm since our return to Long Island, Making up for lost time.
- there are a few people i wish i could hang with alot more and it sucks because they live so close compared to when i was 3000 miles away, now its just like 60 miles and i still never seem them.
Andddd thats it for now.