Long story short. we bought this awesome seeming frame from the velo swap they have at the velodrome twice a year( its a Bicycle swap meet). and two weeks after building it up, it broke in half. It was a poor welding job gone terrible wrong apparently, they just hid all the imperfections with a sweet red powder coated paint job. well yeah, so that bike for real real just crumbled. so vanessa is back to riding her old trusty untill a new frame comes in the mail wich we just ordered. We are just making it by as far as money goes. I'd have no worries at all except for the fact that i have an appointment in a few weeks to get my arm worked on by civ up at the long beach convention only days after paying the rent for june. i've got it counted out though and i'll be fine as long as i be careful of my spending over the next 2 weeks.
JohnElbert is commin out in a week to stay with vanessa and I for over two weeks. im really really excited for that. i enjoy being able to show others a good time in this area. take them to the places i eat, drink, work, hangout ect. It will be especially great because he will have his bicycle with him.
I wanna say san diego is a very bicycle friendly city but thats not compleatly true. in some aspects it is. The city of san diego is pretty small its very possible to get from one side to the other using only a bicycle as transportation. anything further u can hop a bus i suppose. but i've realized more and more lately how unfriendly a good portions of drivers are. I get shouted at almost daily. If its not a person yelling from a car, its a car gently pushing me into the curb because they dont take the time to check their side views, or honking at me for riding in the lane at a speed that is not fast enough for them.
marlin fell into the back of a car yesterday because they cut him off then stoped on a dime with him inches from their bumber... only a mile down the road i was almost run off by a car full of screaming girls who thought it was funny to ride as close as they could while yelling at the top of their lungs. im a mellow guy, but i couldnt help myself from telling them to fuck off and keep driving.
i dont mean to complain. life is great all in all, i just sometimes get these feelings that the majority of people just dont get "it". It is something bigger then just riding bikes, its something that is hard to put into words. and maybe thats why its hard for most people to get it...
im sorry, society is just a bit frustrating sometimes.

ps. SO PSYCHED on the summer. and 09' being the best year yet