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BikeRides in order(mountains)

last sunday we had a nice long Day off. We Rode out to where the mountains start. It was the first 20 miles or so of the route we are leaving San Diego on. I love California so much. I love that I go west 5-10 miles and im swiming in the ocean. South 15 miles and Im in Mexico, Or east 20 miles and im in the mountains.
So yeah, heres a recap of the mountain trip, mostly us just messing around once we got to where we were goin.

bikerides in order(Imperial beach)

Another day when both Vanessa and I were off of work we took a ride down to Imperial. We rolled out that day fully loaded with almost everything we will be riding with on our cross country trip. We are trying to do this more frequently in order to get ourselves used to riding a loaded bike.
Anyways, we took this ride and got some cool shots of the mountains of salt next to the salt fields. and a few cool roadways we rolled under.

bike rides in order(chicano park)

We've been on lots of great bike rides lately and I've been smart enough to carry a camera with me many of the times. Vanessa too!. so lots of cool new pictures of the stuff we've been doing.
(im going to post these all as different entries) It all started because dominic wanted to go to shoot some photos of Chicano Park. Which was a really good idea because it is the most colorful park ever. Its under the Bridge to Coranado and every bit of cement is painted with murals.



happy valentines days suckas!


no turkey giving

These are the pictures I recently re found that I took from Dom and Drews Thanksgiving eve dinner/celebration. It was Awesome times and the color Red was WAY in!


a full year

Tomorrow is February 2nd. 2010

On February 2nd 2009 Vanessa and I left New York to re-start our life again in San Diego.
A year has passed and here we are.
It was the giant step we needed to take to begin living the lives we want and need for ourselves.

This also means Steve has been in Ireland for a year now, I have to assume that he has also made the right decision by leaving a year ago to go there. Otherwise i would have to imagine he would no longer be there....
I see little by little all of my friends taking those steps. and it makes me really happy.

But at the same time I kinda wish we could all get together and live in a big Ol' house, and live happily ever.
maybe later down the line?