I stayed at my store untill 4:30am the other day.

Because a crazy drunk threw a rock Through our window as i was locking up. sick city!

in other news, The weather has been flip flopping a lot lately, went from record lows to record highs all in the same week.

2 weeks ago vanessa, marlin, and I stole about 200 golf balls from a driving range and spent the remainder of the day light hitting them into a canyon. it looked like this....

O anddd i got a roll of film developed with about 10 photos of the building we live in.

It is an old mansion of sorts that is now divided into studios and one bedrooms. We have a second level studio with our kitchen window facing southwest and our living room facing west and bathroom facing south. The tall window about the front door and overhang is our kitchen. we are very happy here.



NY is in DA house.

some friends from LI are landing tonght then straight to see jenny Lewis play @ the bellyup in solona Beach.... Aparently an awesome place to see a show.
stephanie, Beca, and Jeff will be staying with Vanessa and I for a week in our tiny little studio appartment that is furnished with nothign but one bed. SWEET! slumbo. should be a good time though, lots of hangin, hit the beach, the zoo. all the good stuff.

sitting in marlins tat shop right now stealin his internet. Still dont have it at the house so there for i am hardly online.

been Raining alot lately, alot for SD that is. never last's to long though.

i BeFriended this guy named Dwane today in my store. he hangs there daily. he's been livin on the street for 6 years now, thats what he told me today. Sleeps in balboa park. But still manages to have a portable dvd player and a collection of 250+ dvds. No teeth and has a 22 year old girlfriend who he see's 2-3 times a year because she is busy going to school and traveling teaching children english overseas. All of this is just hearsay aside from the dvd's. that i've seen with my own eyes. He enjoys coffee from starbucks and burritos from 7-11.
Rock on Dwane!