A few days prior to Christmas The Ladies Stardust held an Active Fashion show at Bondi downtown. It was just a bunch of cool peeps wearing cool clothes and trying to pose. Good times had by all. and It was a toy drive event. So a bunch of children in San Diego got toys for Christmas that otherwise wouldnt have. These are pictures of Richard, Bridget, And myself. Others were involved as well. if u go to the website posted on the pictures you can seem them all.

"So, here's to tonight! And spending it with you! Here's to this year I never thought I'd make it through"

2009 what an amazing year it has been.

we now live in the future. where are all the hover cars?


forgot to mention

Yesterday was Christmas.

Christmas eve I contracted some sort of food poisoning and was dying all night long. I woke feeling a bit better the morning of Christmas but other then an hour here and there, I slept and slept and slept.

2009 has been one of the best years of my life.
2010 is already shaping up really nicely. Im excited to get it going.
that means Best Year Ever

Big picture Post

I finally have pictures here on the computer. and the time to use the computer and the internet here at the local Starbucks.

lets start at the beginning.
A few months back we Pet sat for my old manager and friend Jen.
this is Steve!
we enjoyed his company very much so, despite the fact that he was teething and really enjoyed attacking our feet.
Then one day Vanessa and I rode our bikes around all day. during that day we stoped by Petco park. This is where the padres play and this is us peacin it.

And me doing some hand stand push up's. I believe that was rep 21 of 25. I did three sets...
Okay, Then a week before Halloween A bunch of us carved pumpkins at Richard and Prestins apartment. It went a little something like this!

ours was the 3rd from the left. They all came out super duper good but deflated to flat nothings in a matter of days. O! we also pretended I didn't have tattoos.
So then Friday, The day before Halloween we partied hard at the Ruby room for the monthly "footdown" party.
Vanessa and I went dressed at Werewolf's, and killed it. Literally.


The Ladies of Bikeclub
Then Richard and I switched. Note, having no front teeth works really well when in werewolf costume.
The next day I went and go this sweet babe tatted into my leg

Thanksgiving looked like this

Other days of food look like this...

And many days full of bicycles.

These bikes above will take us across the country, This day we rode them to La Jolla to check out the seals sleeping on the beach.

Okay well thats that for now.
vanessa and I travel back to NY Jan 4th and are very excited to see our friends and fam. we'll spend 5 days then fly on back to San Diego.

Good night



Lately we try to eat really healthy all day everyday. And it feels really great. I realized last week that I haven't had fast food since early june. I enjoy my slow food just fine. This is of course if chinese delivery counts. And as far as I care... It does. I wait an hour for that chinese food to get delivered!
I enjoy most things slower rather then fast.



It's mid December almost. It rained all day yesterday and it has literally never once done that in all the time I have spent here in San Diego. We just do not get rainy days here. Rainy hours sometimes. a few times a year. but day... no. and its supposed t0 come down pretty good a few more days this week.
Rode to work in the downpour and hitched a ride home from my boss. But once getting there I was stuck on the couch for most of the night. No car, and its pouring. No internet, no television. and alone because vanessa was working. Really lets u get creative with finding fun!
I've spent the last few days trying to figure out in my head what will happen once we make it to Long Island after traveling for three months to get there. Will we have any left over funds? I dont want to work at starbucks when we get there. We just want to get a volunteer spot at one of the few organic farms and spend a little time working but learning. And eating good food! But will we have the money to live without working a real paying job? perhaps not. if not I suppose we will try to find a medium. 3 days working in the latte loving society and 4 diggin dirt? that sounds good to me.

Dont get me wrong, I love servin up the Lattes. I'd be a very happy person if I could do that for a very long time. I'm just over doing it for the man! working in long sleeves because someone somewhere is afraid my arms full of tattoos will afend customers and deface the image they have worked so hard for. The image being a bunch of people dressed as office workers serving coffee. Its just weird. Again, This company i work for has done a whole lot of good for me. I'm not hating compleatly. Im just getting to a point where I realize I wanna be doing some other stuff.

soooo Jan. 4th-9th vanessa and I invade Long Island. Then we come back and hang in SD for about 3 more months. Work hard, Save cash, then split to the open Road. For the big bicycle adventure SD-NY. stay tuned


still nothing new. but more old!

Halloween and thanksgiving have come and gone. We have so many really awesome pictures from both holidays but of course I have yet to upload any... We officially have zero internet connection at home and it just gets annoying having to bring the laptop to work to use the internet. or i just dont care enough to go through the trouble? i dont know. either way, I did stumble into some pictures on here from when Sir. JohnElbert came and hung out with us for a month.

one of John hangin in front of my refrigerator. And a bunch of multiple people including friends Richard, Javi, Ashley, + many other sunday funday goers. spring time chillin



perfectly perfect.
A website with videos showing you how to do everything from repair your leaking sink, put up a shelf, grow tomatoes, or how to look good naked... seriously though

go see for yourself, how to do anything.



Good day

Today I saved all pictures from both my myspace and my facebook accounts that I felt I would miss being able to look at. After doing this I deleted both of my accounts. SO, please just email/call/write/comment on here to get a hold of me. and thats the whole reason I did it anyways. There are so many ways for us to stay in touch. And those who are really my friends will be in touch always even if there are long gaps or spaces in time between words. That is fine, those times when we dont talk is okay. Because you are my friend and you will always be my friend. and when we speak we will tell each other all about the great things or the bad things that have happened since we last spoke. I do not feel the need to post a comment for every single person to read in order for the few people i enjoy to see whats going on in my life.
Myspace/facebook are great sites, they let u stay connected with all of your friends. for me the probelem was that it disconnected me from where and what i was doing in the present moment in time. And really, thats all I want to be concerned about!
I love you, just write or call and we'll talk. THANKS FRIENDS



It's almost the first which means Rent is almost due.
Also last weekend Vanessas parents came out from New York.

The visit was great. They rented a car which was really nice. We were able to go all over the place. This was important because of the fact that they were in town for only 3 days. The first night they landed we just drove around downtown and showed them our little apartment, ate some IN-N-OUT, then went home.
Day Two we drove out to a Town called Julian, this is a famous Pie town. people go here to get pies. mostly apple pies because of the fact that the apples come straight from the orchards just outside of town. Its a really cook drive there and back, you see all sorts of terrain. The town is right smack betetween mountains, nation forests, and the dessert is not far off. So we went there, Ate some lunch and got some pie right before leaving. Drove from there straight out to Ocean beach to catch the sun set from the sun set cliffs.
The next day we went to Coronado which has the biggest beach ever. Left there and went up to La Jolla which is where the seals like to hang out. We took pictures of them and talked about how funny they are. We left La Jolla and drove down to Old Town, where we went to some old time shops, Bought salt water taffy, wihch dosent actually have salt water in it by the way. And finished the night out with a Sort of mexican meal from Freds!
Short but sweet. Im pretty sure they had a really great time here with us, and it was really nice for us to have them out here. It was their first time to San Diego, Its nice that vanessa can talk to them now, mention where we are and they actually know what shes refering too.
We took alot of pictures, and have taken a bunch since then so i'll get them online eventually.
The other night we went to richards house and carved pumpkins, They all came out really good. richards was the smallest. so he made a Charger Bolt on it, we made a scary face. vanessa took really great pictures that night. once again, gotta get those on the computer soon.

Halloween weekend is comming up fast and i predict good times. Critical mass afterparty on friday night at the Ruby room. and then sunday night is the Day of the Dead bicycle Ride. Im prob missing the begining of that but will hopefully meet up in the middle after i get out of work.



This is me, or at least to the state of CA.

Im pretty sure they have a Tanning filter on their camera lense.

send me mail...

I got the a real great camp stove and a tent. and we have already paid for but have not yet recieved 2 sets of sweet panniers for our bikes.

The Stove:

The Panniers. We are getting one set this color and the other is Red.
And most recently we got this sweet little guy.

Our bags should arive the end of this month, Thats when all the fun starts.