still nothing new. but more old!

Halloween and thanksgiving have come and gone. We have so many really awesome pictures from both holidays but of course I have yet to upload any... We officially have zero internet connection at home and it just gets annoying having to bring the laptop to work to use the internet. or i just dont care enough to go through the trouble? i dont know. either way, I did stumble into some pictures on here from when Sir. JohnElbert came and hung out with us for a month.

one of John hangin in front of my refrigerator. And a bunch of multiple people including friends Richard, Javi, Ashley, + many other sunday funday goers. spring time chillin



perfectly perfect.
A website with videos showing you how to do everything from repair your leaking sink, put up a shelf, grow tomatoes, or how to look good naked... seriously though

go see for yourself, how to do anything.



Good day

Today I saved all pictures from both my myspace and my facebook accounts that I felt I would miss being able to look at. After doing this I deleted both of my accounts. SO, please just email/call/write/comment on here to get a hold of me. and thats the whole reason I did it anyways. There are so many ways for us to stay in touch. And those who are really my friends will be in touch always even if there are long gaps or spaces in time between words. That is fine, those times when we dont talk is okay. Because you are my friend and you will always be my friend. and when we speak we will tell each other all about the great things or the bad things that have happened since we last spoke. I do not feel the need to post a comment for every single person to read in order for the few people i enjoy to see whats going on in my life.
Myspace/facebook are great sites, they let u stay connected with all of your friends. for me the probelem was that it disconnected me from where and what i was doing in the present moment in time. And really, thats all I want to be concerned about!
I love you, just write or call and we'll talk. THANKS FRIENDS