Update. There was a freak accident involving a dry erase board and the screen of my computer. The board is fine. My computer is not. I'm now updating via mobil. Please forgive typos. My fingers r too big for the keys. Anyways, I turned 22 4 days ago. It involved a long day of drinking and playing pooland eating chips leading up to a night of more drinking and one of the best nights in a long time. All u need are a few good people around you. And shots of. Whiskey help aswell. Woke up late the next day. Which was my real day of birth... Had a great meal at pokez then vanessa and I rode out to the sunset cliffs in ocean beach. Perfect weather. For the ride. Took a bunch of pictures. Perhaps one day they will hit the interweb. Other then this its been mostly work and play and I'm just fine with that.

I'm hungry. Later!


What's up.

Dear world.
       This is me, (rossmunroe)
I Have stolen this idea from vanessa.  I just want a place to keep track of things. write down what I'm getting into, post pictures, Ideas, thoughts, and anything else I think is necessary. PLUS!... being that I am thousands of miles away from family and a ton of friends perhaps they can check in from time to time to see what's up.  Maybe they will find some humor in reading about my life from time to time, who knows. This here is where I will post from time to time whenever I am able to get on the internet to update on my Life As Usual.