alabama to The district of columbia!

I have some time now to post some pictures from the past 2 weeks
prior to getting on our train in Tuscaloosa Alabama we camped here. It was nice because we were only 20 miles from town. We woke up that morning with just that short ride, we were able to stop and eat breakfast before catching the train. That's the first time we ate at waffle house. "good food fast" it was really good we've been there a second time since that first time.

so we got our train and transported to Virginia.
we try ed really hard to find some "virgina is for lovers" apparel, like stickers or a beer coozie or something. But the best we could do was find this wall in an ally of Richmond.

This is a picture Nicole shot of us from up in the Church Hill neighborhood over looking downtown Richmond.

we spent the first night in town going to a few bars in part of a Micro brew pub crawl with Vanessas friend Nicole and her boyfriend Aaron. After that we Met Ryan at a place called "Empire" where some bands were playing.
Richmond was the first place in a long time where we were surrounded by like minded young people. Three of which Vanessa has known since long ago. It was really great.
We spent our 2nd night in town at a house show/party. After that night we felt like we could just end the trip here and start over in richmond. everyone was so fun and friendly. and into good music, and riding bicycles. It was hard for us to get ourselves to eventually move on to the next town.

A few different people told Ryan and I that we looked a lot alike, I cant argue with that.

www.twoholesarebetterthanone.com Check out the may 18th video.

The very next day nicole and ryan took us out for a day of exploring, Mostly by the River. It was really neat. its like a whole different world when you go down there.

We ate lunch everyday we were in richmond at Perlys. Its the restaurant that Ryan works at. And every day we'd get a different kind of sandwich with fries or coleslaw or potato salad, and it was always so good. And we drank a lot of good coffee while in town also, Between Aaron being way into brewing good coffee at home and Ryan being way into going to good coffee shops, we had the coffee situation covered.
It was strange getting moving again when it came time to leave the Richmond area. We feel right into the pattern of hangin out with everyone we were meeting, we took just as many days off in richmond as we had the entire trip prior to getting there.
But we did in fact have to move on, and to a great place at that. took a two day ride and got to DC. It started to rain when we were about 10 miles to where we were trying to get. But it wasn't end of the world downpour rain like the day we rode into richmond, it was like... A summer rain. So we tryed our best to not let it get to us, And the fact that we were on a bike path, not a busy road, and we could see our nations capitol forming in the skyline, these things helped. It was really pretty surreal riding into DC, to have traveled so far over the past two months and to now be here in the capitol of our country. It was an epic feeling thats hard to describe. We went straight to the Hostel on 11th and K st. Its not where we are staying but it is where Sarah works. My long time good friend, were staying with her while we are here in town. We met her there at her work so she could pass us her keys to her house which was just up the road from the hostel. That day of riding was just .3 miles short of being the 2nd longest day of the trip. 79.4 miles.
We've spent the past few days wondering the city and people watching, And last night sarah had a party for her birthday/the going away of one of her friends. It was really nice to be able to meet all of her friends from collage. We made pizzas and home made ice cream and someone supplied the party with a ton of maryland crabs, so it was pretty amazing. It has been really nice to see some more familiar faces and to spend time with sarah and her friends. These things are extra special to us. We really love that we've been able to reconnect with friends in their environments as opposed to it being on Long Island in familiar territory. To see what their life away from where we all grew up is like.
We are spending our last full day here today. Our bodies are really getting tired. Its hard for us to want to even go out and explore. But we'll do just that today because this is all coming to an end soon. I think maybe were going out to dinner with sarah and her friends tonight to have a more mellow birthday celebration, then leaving in the morning. Its a straight line from here to NY we'll stop off in A few big spots along the way, Baltimore, Philadelphia. then straight to mikevargas house.
If all goes as planned our last day of riding will be June the 3rd. That will be our ride from Hoboken NJ to sayville NY. And it sounds like we'll be joined by a group of friends that will most likely meet us In queens and ride our last 45 miles together. This will be a lot of fun, we're both just crossing our fingers that the weather will be on our side from here on out...

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