a not so finished closer

We have set our feet into the soil of Long Island. Between DC and here a whole lot happened, We went to Philly, ate cheesecakes. hung out and spent the night in the house of two amazing people who we met in Maryland, Swam in a river in south west New jersey, hung out in the dirty jerz with mikevarga for a few days and then ended our journey in an epic way with a bicycle ride from Jamaica queens to west Sayville with a crew of 7 (+vanessa and myself). the Last revolutions of our 3194 mile journey brought us right to the Door of Brocks, our favorite Long Island Watering  Hole. This is where we held our post ride festivities.  We drank beers and ate tons of food along side of some of the best friends we could ever ask for and our loving families. Very few things could have made this day any better then it was. 
     I plan to get on here sometime in the near future to talk more in depth about those last days on the road. Because they were just so soo sweet. and post pictures too of course. I just needed to put it  out there that we have completed what we set out to do when we left San Diego 2 months 1 week and 1 day prior to yesterday.  Its a strange feeling knowing we are now where we have been working so hard every day to get to.  I believe it will take some time for everything to really set in and at that point i will be able to speak about the experience with a bit more clarity.  And also a lot more pictures. Through out the entire trip i have been shooting film pictures so i now have 7 rolls that aren't even developed yet. Its going to be alot of fun to get those back and see it all from that point of view from beginning to the very end.

That's all I've got for now. Thank you, every single one of you.
Our family of friends who inspired us from the beautiful city of San Diego.
Every stranger that we met along the way that were our friends by the time we rode away.
Our Friends that put us up for a night or 3, fed us, and gave us the rest or the party that we needed at those points in the trip.
And lastly every person here in NY that welcomed us back with open arms and reminded us why it is we wanted to finish our journey right here. 

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