We've been hanging out in richmond, VA for a few days now.
The day we arrived was the first really rainy day we have had throughout this entire voyage, and it sucked...
We got really poured on, it started sometime in the middle of the night when we were still about 30 miles from the city area. So come morning we had to pack and ride away from where we were. We rode 21 miles that day before we had to throw in the towel. We were stopping almost every 5-7 miles. I got a flat and had to change it in the down pour, vanessas feet were both numb, and she couldn't ride with her glasses on so once we got within 10 miles of downtown the traffic was way to intense. We were able to find out info on the local bus system, take out panniers off the back of our bikes and get the bikes on the bus bike rack. The bus took us to a stop just blocks away from where vanessas friend nicole lives.
We have now taken just as many days off here in this area as we had the entire trip prior to getting here. Vanessa has a few people in the city here that she knows from back in high school days and we have spent the past three nights crashing their couches.
I dont have the time to get into all the fun stuff we've been up too. But it has been that, A lot of fun. Everyone here is way into bicycles and good times and we've been very happy to take a few days to hang with them.
We'll sleep at nicoles again tonight and leave in the morning to start heading further north. In DC we'll hang with sarah ruth and were excited for that. Im going to try and get online and post some pictures and some more words about everything thats been happening when we get there. That will be 2-3 days from today.
Things are getting really very close to the end and it is a bitter sweet kinda thing.
for now, were still partying our days away in Virginia.

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Hey, just wanted you to know that I'm reading. Y'all are awesome.