Jet Setting

The month of September has been a large blur. Seems to have flown right on by. But for a reason i suppose. Vanessa and I spent the first week of it in NY. We were on Long Island the whole time. Visiting family and friends and going to our friends Jeff and Becca's wedding which was amazing. The week consisted of lots of hangin and lots of drinking. and I left feeling as if i would not want to journey back to NY anytime soon. For, being home, especially when there are lots of people around down to hang every day and all sorts of fun things to do. It makes me miss it there. When i'm gone for a while its easier to put those ideas aside. So that was my plan. Not go back untill the time was right. Ahhh but then it happened.
3 days after Landing back in San Diego, I got a text with devestating information about a friend. Tracy, a friend since the 9th grade who has been living in Boston for some time, Fell off of her Bicycle. She hit her head, And never again woke. This happened on wed. But they kept her going untill friday. Sept. 11th 2009. I was able to get a ticket for a very low price to fly home tuesday and back to San Diego Thursday night. So thats what I did. There was a wake at the funeral home tuesday night which i missed but two on wed. and the funeral on thursday. I was able to be there for all of that.
I spent my days home surrounded by All the people I surrounded myself with whenever I was with tracy. Surrounded by friends I havent felt so close to in a very long time. we were there for each other we were there for the family. There is no worse circumstance to have a reuinion with friends. But that aside. it was beautiful. Tracy was such a beautiful person. Full of life and full of optimisom. I know no one that could ever say a negative word about her. And we as friends and family celebrated her. I left thursday afternoon to fly back to California with emotions raging. emotions so sooo strong. Heartbroken over the fact that A 22 year girl that impacted so many peoples lives, That wasnt afraid to do what she wanted and be who she was and was so freaking good at making people smile, is now no longer with us here on earth. And at the same time so thankful and happy to know I have lived a lucky life. filled with amazing friends. Friends from the past and in the present. And these feelings are the very things that make the future seem so bright.
So much love. Tacy, I hope u saw the way we partied for you. You're gonna live forever for no one could ever forget you. Thanks for everything.

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