dear world.

Richard got hit by a car the other day. what the hell. stop letting this stuff happen. He's okay thankfully but his front wheels donezo.
I rode out to pacific beach this morning and ate breakfast outside in the fog by the water. that was nice.
I'd enjoy wining the lottery if possible. both Vanessa and myself have fallen into funks with work. Don't really wanna go there anymore. so yeah the lotto could help that.
Think if I can save a few extra bucks i'm gonna go up to LA in a week or so and see pat. or maybe he can come here. either way, i'd like a few extra dollars to have a good time with.

BLAHHHASKLAJGFS i think im goin nuts sometimes

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Ashley Brooke Arthur said...

I feel the same way about money. Sometimes I feel like we are so broke that somehow we SHOULD win the lottery.