Two Years Ago...

Vanessa and I rolled into San Diego after driving for 4 days from New York.
we spent the next week sleeping in my car. eating free breakfast from a hotel we did not stay at. and napping all day on the beach. That week combined with the first week of September were the hottest I have yet to see since my time here and not here in San Diego.
Today's really hot though, so maybe this is just a really warm part of the year here in southern Cali...
We spent 9 months here. living downtown in a small studio apartment only blocks from where we were both working. we made some good friends but it was short lived. we headed back to New York June 1st.
After 8 months in new york. which felt like the equivalent of years. We knew it was time to put it all behind us again and get back to where our hearts really were.
So here we are now, back in San Diego. Its been almost 7 months since our second coming. And it has been an amazing 7 months. The time spent here the first trip and the time spent in New York were all amazing in their own ways as well. Neither Vanessa or I would have what we have and be who we are if it weren't for those time periods. But I feel more at home now then I have in a long time.
Moving across country 3 times in two years is a lot of moving. We dont have many personal items out here. Now more then ever. When we relocated this 3rd time, we flew. This made it impossible to bring anything more then the bare essentials... Clothes and bicycles.
We've been able to aquire more things here and there. we've done quite well actually. We have this sweet loft bed that lets us have a good size bed without losing any of our precious floor space. which is precious when living in a studio apartment! we now each have more then one bicycle. We own a TV, no cable, no chanels at all actually, we get to watch all sorts of DVDS though. no internet. we use starbucks for this. we got some pots pans, plates ect. some of this we bought some was given to us. and lots of art on the walls.
All this stuff is great. But we still refrain from gathering to much because of the underlying feeling that its still not forever. we will eventually be picking up and going again. We havent yet beaten that adventure bug out of us. When that time does come maybe we'll get a kitchen table or a couch! now thats livin...
So yes, 2 years have come and gone. Ive had my highest highs and lowest lows. I truly believe the whole "time flys when you're having fun" thing. These last 7 months have flown by.
We get to go home and vist New York nex week. I cant wait to see all the family and friends. It will be really nice. Those people are the only thing that make living here so hard. Its the one reason I wish i had more money then I do. So i could fly them all out every week to hang out. I've got the best friends in the world. on both the right and left side of the country. And i've got real family now on both sides.
I am lucky to be here now and to have been there then.
Here's to the best Two years of my life and being able to share it all with A girl I love and friends that have become family.

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