Big picture Post

I finally have pictures here on the computer. and the time to use the computer and the internet here at the local Starbucks.

lets start at the beginning.
A few months back we Pet sat for my old manager and friend Jen.
this is Steve!
we enjoyed his company very much so, despite the fact that he was teething and really enjoyed attacking our feet.
Then one day Vanessa and I rode our bikes around all day. during that day we stoped by Petco park. This is where the padres play and this is us peacin it.

And me doing some hand stand push up's. I believe that was rep 21 of 25. I did three sets...
Okay, Then a week before Halloween A bunch of us carved pumpkins at Richard and Prestins apartment. It went a little something like this!

ours was the 3rd from the left. They all came out super duper good but deflated to flat nothings in a matter of days. O! we also pretended I didn't have tattoos.
So then Friday, The day before Halloween we partied hard at the Ruby room for the monthly "footdown" party.
Vanessa and I went dressed at Werewolf's, and killed it. Literally.


The Ladies of Bikeclub
Then Richard and I switched. Note, having no front teeth works really well when in werewolf costume.
The next day I went and go this sweet babe tatted into my leg

Thanksgiving looked like this

Other days of food look like this...

And many days full of bicycles.

These bikes above will take us across the country, This day we rode them to La Jolla to check out the seals sleeping on the beach.

Okay well thats that for now.
vanessa and I travel back to NY Jan 4th and are very excited to see our friends and fam. we'll spend 5 days then fly on back to San Diego.

Good night

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