It's mid December almost. It rained all day yesterday and it has literally never once done that in all the time I have spent here in San Diego. We just do not get rainy days here. Rainy hours sometimes. a few times a year. but day... no. and its supposed t0 come down pretty good a few more days this week.
Rode to work in the downpour and hitched a ride home from my boss. But once getting there I was stuck on the couch for most of the night. No car, and its pouring. No internet, no television. and alone because vanessa was working. Really lets u get creative with finding fun!
I've spent the last few days trying to figure out in my head what will happen once we make it to Long Island after traveling for three months to get there. Will we have any left over funds? I dont want to work at starbucks when we get there. We just want to get a volunteer spot at one of the few organic farms and spend a little time working but learning. And eating good food! But will we have the money to live without working a real paying job? perhaps not. if not I suppose we will try to find a medium. 3 days working in the latte loving society and 4 diggin dirt? that sounds good to me.

Dont get me wrong, I love servin up the Lattes. I'd be a very happy person if I could do that for a very long time. I'm just over doing it for the man! working in long sleeves because someone somewhere is afraid my arms full of tattoos will afend customers and deface the image they have worked so hard for. The image being a bunch of people dressed as office workers serving coffee. Its just weird. Again, This company i work for has done a whole lot of good for me. I'm not hating compleatly. Im just getting to a point where I realize I wanna be doing some other stuff.

soooo Jan. 4th-9th vanessa and I invade Long Island. Then we come back and hang in SD for about 3 more months. Work hard, Save cash, then split to the open Road. For the big bicycle adventure SD-NY. stay tuned

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