It's almost the first which means Rent is almost due.
Also last weekend Vanessas parents came out from New York.

The visit was great. They rented a car which was really nice. We were able to go all over the place. This was important because of the fact that they were in town for only 3 days. The first night they landed we just drove around downtown and showed them our little apartment, ate some IN-N-OUT, then went home.
Day Two we drove out to a Town called Julian, this is a famous Pie town. people go here to get pies. mostly apple pies because of the fact that the apples come straight from the orchards just outside of town. Its a really cook drive there and back, you see all sorts of terrain. The town is right smack betetween mountains, nation forests, and the dessert is not far off. So we went there, Ate some lunch and got some pie right before leaving. Drove from there straight out to Ocean beach to catch the sun set from the sun set cliffs.
The next day we went to Coronado which has the biggest beach ever. Left there and went up to La Jolla which is where the seals like to hang out. We took pictures of them and talked about how funny they are. We left La Jolla and drove down to Old Town, where we went to some old time shops, Bought salt water taffy, wihch dosent actually have salt water in it by the way. And finished the night out with a Sort of mexican meal from Freds!
Short but sweet. Im pretty sure they had a really great time here with us, and it was really nice for us to have them out here. It was their first time to San Diego, Its nice that vanessa can talk to them now, mention where we are and they actually know what shes refering too.
We took alot of pictures, and have taken a bunch since then so i'll get them online eventually.
The other night we went to richards house and carved pumpkins, They all came out really good. richards was the smallest. so he made a Charger Bolt on it, we made a scary face. vanessa took really great pictures that night. once again, gotta get those on the computer soon.

Halloween weekend is comming up fast and i predict good times. Critical mass afterparty on friday night at the Ruby room. and then sunday night is the Day of the Dead bicycle Ride. Im prob missing the begining of that but will hopefully meet up in the middle after i get out of work.

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