so here we are.

It is the 25th of march.

Today was our last full day here in San Diego. We spent the morning changing our address at the post office/ cleaning out appartment. Then turning in our keys to our appartment. We then rode into the sunset with friend Dominic SOLIDGOLD towards ocean beach. He took a bunch of cool pictures of us riding and then Dipping our tires into the Pacific Ocean! Hopefully that gives us the luck we need to make it to the Atlantic.
Were slumbo partying at Richard and Bridgets this evening then waking and having some homies meet up around 10Am tomorrow and riding out as a crew. Most likely the crew will quit pretty early on considering it gets really hilly really fast and everyone but us will be on fixed gears and have to turn around and get to work eventually.

THANK YOU every person who has been apart of this happening. You all know who you are. We have amazing friends here in San Diego and amazing friends on the east coast in New York and a few here and there in between. If things go as planned we will have a few more by the end of this journey. Please keep in touch and we'll try our best to do the same. Follow vanessas words @ www.weareallsosmall.blogspot.com
its hard to say how often we will really get to update but we will do our best!
Forever Forward

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