my last day servin up lattes in the neighborhood of little italy, in the city of san diego, in the state of califonia.... is in three weeks exactly.
then i'll probably start back up again come summer. but in NY this time.

Im ready to go, times movin to slow now.

Rob Hotte might come out and visit/tattoo at superfly tattoo in downtown,SD the 15th-23rd.
also were having a big ol bash on the 19th.
it will be the day of my birth and also a week before we leave town on our bicycle road rage tour. some the next few weeks, although im wishing would fly by. will also be really great and party time excellent!

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Law of Attraction said...

Ross: Brett, Bruno, Sandra and I will miss seeing your face at Buck's, but we are all excited for you.

Your birthday is my 1/2 Birthday. So happy birthday to you and happy unbirthday to me.

twice a day Starbucks junkie.