I dont believe I ever mentioned that my mother came out to San Diego a few weeks ago. That was really nice. It was really cool to have her around. Bring her to some of that spots we've been hanging out, show her where we live, have her meet some friends. I have come to realize I connect really well with my mom. And today we became Facebook friends, thats still a weird concept to me. But yeah, shes great.
Two days ago vanessa and i recued a hurt humming bird from the middle of the street a few blocks from our house. I picked him up and carried him home, they weigh about nothing. vanessa called a wildlife hotline of sorts to see what to do or if they could come get him. he was trying to fly but couldnt at first. We fed him some sugar water through a straw to. which is what we read to do online. Then put him in a shoe box, the low light is supossed to help them relax if they are in shock. Apparently something happened. only 15 minutes later i heard him trying to fly in the box! we brough it outside and opened it. He didnt fly away instantly. just kinda sat in the box for a few minutes then suddenly flew up into the tree and then over the house back in the direction of where we found it. It def would of been ran over had we not picked it up, so im very happy we were there and able to help out.
All else is the usual. we've just been kicking it low key, saving our dollars. riding our bikes. making lots of good dinners and watchin lots of good movies. If things continue on this path we will be able to easily leave on schedual at the end of march.

ps. www.urbanvelo.org very great

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