counting the days

Its harder to go to work these days. But more then ever it is important for Vanessa and I to get as many hours on the clock as possible. we are 100% absolutely leaving in 2 months from now to Embark on our cross country excursion.
Depending on how things work out financially and weather wise when the time comes, we plan to leave anytime after my birthday (March 19th) and definitely prior to April 1st. We are planning on traveling for a total of 3 months. Give or take a week. We will not be taking a straight line trip from San Diego - NY. We will be traveling a total of about 5,000 miles. so 3 months means an average of about 55 miles a day.
From San Diego we will be headed directly east.

Following the Adventure cycling Association southern Tier bicycling maps going through Phoenix Arizona, onto New Mexico then down into Texas along the Mexican/American boarder. We will be making our way through to Austin, TX, and from there straight through to Louisiana, passing through a small part of Mississippi and stopping in Mobile Alabama. The maps go on to Florida but We will not continue east here, instead we will be picking up the Underground Railroad route to start heading North.
Here we will ride north following river streams along the Alabama/Mississippi boarder north through Tennessee into Kentucky. Here we will start to head east again. Through the Appalachian mountains to the Atlantic coast in Virginia. Going north again we will pass through a few awesome cities such as Washington DC, Baltimore, And Philadelphia. From Phili we will make a straight line dash through NJ into NY. where we will have to figure out how to get through the city onto Long Island. At wich point we are home Free.

Its a lot to swollow. Looking at it now and knowing all of this will happen. I am extreamly excited. We have been doing some practice packs with our bikes. seeing what works and what does not work. We own now, everything that will be taken on our trip. and are currently working hard to save every dolloar we can so we can eat lots of good food the whole way accross!
But working is hard when this is so close. I'm ready to get going.

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