Another date to remember.

We have a flyer hanging in our kitchen for a show that we went to while we visited Richmond on our bicycle trip last year. There are lots of flyers and posters in our kitchen, mostly of things ryans been to, or just cool posters we have found that we like, and this one particular show flyer because it was a really great time, it was a show at the house a bunch of our friends live at, and our friends played as well. ANDDD it was the 2 day of our 4 day stay in richmond, VA.
Anyway, what im getting at is this. Vanessa and I went over to our friends mark and Courtneys house two nights ago for dinner and hanging. We met some of their friends who live own and work on a farm west of here call " Root Force". Our bicycle journey of a year ago came up in conversation. I then thought out loud about how it was probably almost exactly a year ago that we rolled into Richmond for the first time ever and it was the very next day that we met both Mark and Courtney at that house show because mark was in one of the bands that played. And in that moment I looked above mark and saw the flyer for that show, the same one we have on our wall, posted on the wall behind him. Which reads the date " May 18th". It was an "ahha" moment. Because it wasn't almost exactly a year prior. It was exactly to the date, one year ago that day that we first came to richmond Va. And there we were, having dinner with two people we met who were open and friendly and inviting since the day we met.
I remember courtney telling us to come over for apple dumplings the morning after the show, she lived in a house directly behind ryan at that time. We got there to late, for it was the first time since we left san diego that we had partied to that extent, we slept in later then usual.
But here we are, one year later. Sharing a home with an old friend of vanessas but surrounded by new friends we had not yet knew we would have one year ago.
We are of course, once again getting the itch to do something new and exciting and productive and fun. A lot of ideas are being tossed around. We aren't looking to run away from richmond, but we are looking to take advantage of our super cheap rent and try and go do something for a month or so this summer. Ideally we want to work on a farm or stay at a homestead. Get some real experience in the areas we have been pushing our lifestyle towards. We just want to see some new places, do some new things, and learn as much as possible about the life we aretrying to work towards. AND then hopefully come back here for the fall and winter or the remainder of the summer as well and work and save money and plan for next years plans. Oo and fly out to San Diego for a week at the end of september! bought our tickets a month ago!
While im not at work this is what my time has been put towards, our front stoop!

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Desi McKinnon said...

impressive little potager you got going there.