I do not want to go to work in an hour, but I sure did have a great morning.

Bike ride with vanessa to Elwood Thompsons for juice and breakfast burrito. Stoped by J Sargent Reynolds to see If they received my suffolk transcripts. Saw Courtney and spoke to her while she walked to her friends house, stoped at Captain buzzys for an ice coffee, came home. went to the store with tim and bought a plunger for our clogged toilet and then planted potatoes! O and it's 78 degrees outside.

A truly great morning.


Desi said...

I hear ya. I rarely want to go to work. Once I get there it's never as bad as I thought it was going to be.

RossMunroe said...

This is true, those moments leading up to work are hard. Then you start your day and its over shortly after.