Giving Thanks.

I hurt my knee a week ago as I got off of my bicycle, its totally still injured. I am not thankful for this.

I had a fun time at the cut throats formal at strange matter that night prior to hurting my knee! very thankful for that, and for Ryan because he knew I had very low funds that night and made sure to help me out.

This years Thanksgiving feast was the third of my life in which Vanessa and I were in charge of cooking. The first time was 3 years ago in our tiny studio apartment kitchen with a faulty stove and Mikevarga as a guest! Vanessa and I had only been living in San Diego for just over three months when mike made his way out to visit for a week. That year we all agreed it was the best Thanksgiving meal we have ever had. But I think It's gotten better each year since. That's also when Mikevarga and I drank coors light, alot of it, Saved each and every can and then on thanksgiving night we gave all the cans to the man that had been sleeping in the doorway of the building next to mine. The theme of that week was *Coors for Poors* and I have something forever marked on my leg that will reminde me of that time, as does mikevarga. I am thankful for Friends, and for traveling. Its hard at times having friends that are so far away. But I really like being a part of their reason for getting off of Long Island and having fun somewhere new.

Last year Vanessa and I cooked and ate our feast on our own in our little spot on 30th st. Then our friend gabe came over and we filled his belly with our left overs and we sat around on the floor drinking wine.
This year We decided to cook a real whole turkey. In the past we never thought it was worth it to cook a whole turkey for just the two or three of us, we'd cook a Turkey breast. We went all out this year. We have a Big house, a big kitchen and lots of friends who live in the neighborhood. So we wanted to do it right. And we did.
A turkey, Green bean casserole, sweet potatos, Macaroni and cheese, stuffing, biscuits, cranberry relish. (Everything other then the cranberry, was made from scratch) Paired with yummy beers and fancy hard cider.
We had some friends hangin around while we cooked the day away, then just as we were getting ready to eat they left to get to their own celebrations. Vanessa, Ryan, and myself sat around on the kitchen floor and filled up on the delishisness. Then We gave our plates to Riot to lick our plates clean, Because Dogs are thankful for good food also, not just us humans. Our friend Nicole came over later on and we all had some drinks while we watched Pete and Pete, It was the only DVD we could get to work at the time. I am Very Thankful for our house, our friends and everything that has been going on here in Richmond since we relocated here.

I got a 2nd job working here http://theurbanfarmhouse.net I'm now working there one or two days a week and the convenience 3 or 4 days. This along with the possibility of maybe having an additional house mate in the comming months, will make it much easier for vanessa and I to start saving money again. Its to stressfull living check to check, and whats the point of working if you cant ever take time off and go do fun things. Its not possible to do so if you dont ever have any money saved. So good things are to come I believe.

I also found this Video today. I like these guys, Grew up playing shows with two of the members of this sweet long Island based band.

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