news! no pictures 4/13/10

We have made it into the biggest state in the lower 48, Texas.
The few days we had in New Mexico were amazing. we truly enjoyed every day of bicycling through the south part of the state. Everyone there was really friendly. literally almost every car that passed waved to us. We camped for free in the town park of Hillsboro the day we rode over Emery Pass. The next morning we had an amazing breakfast at their General Store. The Next night we spent in a state park camp ground where we met a really great park ranger. so great it made me kinda want to be a park ranger.... He hooked us up with a site for the night plus gave us a good amount of water and some food to snack on. He also makes Jewelery and is quite good at it http://www.benhoffacker.com/. We went to a bike shop the next day in Las Cruces. Before that we stoped and had coffee and some oatmeal and a chocolate scone at a place called "The Bean" We really liked that coffee shop, it was in the town of Mesilla which also happens to be known because its where Billy The Kid got locked up! So our 4th and final night in NM... We planned to go all the way into El Paso and cross into Texas but we got side tracked just a few miles before that boarder. We stop ed at a house that looked interesting. It had Large metal sculptures covering the yard mixed in with airstream trailers. we ended up talking to the owner and artist. his name is Willie Ray Parish. good him. he's awesome. His wife and him are both art professors and artist. They have an amazing space there and we were lucky enough to camp right there in the middle of what they call the sculpture garden.
We have pictures of everything i've been speaking about, they just aren't on the computer yet. but one day i'll post the best of the best.
Our first meal in texas was a mexican breakfast that blew us away. Absolutely amazing. I even dreamed about the cafe we ate it in that night.
so far texas has not been as great. but were just getting going and this isn't the best part of the state really. With all the terrible things happening right now along the boarder we are constantly aware of our surroundings and sometimes feel as if we cant stop and rest even if we want to...
We had prime conditions riding the first day, but yesterday was just the pitts. we ran out of water because one of the service stations that we were told was ahead was actually closed, and we had a terrible head wind all day long. The upside is upon our arrival into sierra Blanca, WE FOUND HUEY!! ha, so we caught up with him, shared our hate for the day that just ended. talked about where we have been since we last rode together, which was in california.
We were glad to see he was still on the road. He constantly gives off vibes that he might pack it in at any moment and head back to Colorado.
Anyways, thats where were at. hopefully today the winds on our backs. Were excited to keep riding and make our way into austin. we have a lot of good things ahead. Hopefully next time i post i can get some pictures as well.

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Law of Attraction said...

Have fun in Austin. I hope the wind was really at your back.