I've been waking up early latley. well earlier then I used to, perhaps its because I havent been spending every night out at bars lately. Either way, even on my days off of work I wind up getting out of the house by 9am. It feels good though. to get out and get some stuff done and get back home before the hour I would typically be waking up a few months ago.
So far summer has been real good. Rob Hotte is here right now, tattooing at marlins shop in north Park for a week. He stayed with us the first night and with Marlin last night. He'll prob crash with us again. At some point this week Vanessa's gonna get a sweet Unicorn Tat on her arm. I have faith that Rob will do a great job on it. He's really been killin it the past year or so.
Vanessa and I got tickets to fly home for a week. The first week of september. 1st-8th. Beca and Jeff are getting married on the 4th. thats our main reasoning for comming home. But its good timing. As of september we will of been here in San Diego for 7 months going on 8. So a visit to see friends and family will be really nice. We've been fortunate enough to have as many visitors as we have had but going home is compleatly different, I'm excited to see long Island again. Being away makes you apreicate the little things back home very much. I love NY I miss New York, But like Vanessa said the other night... New York is Great, But so are so many other places. I am excited for a future filled with all sorts of places.

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