makin moves

johns stay here was great. a whopping 2.5 weeks long, the apartment now seems a bit empty with just vanessa and myself...
Its a great feeling being able to show friends from home around the city of san diego, let them meet our friends, eat where we eat, drink where we drink, ride the streets we ride and so on.
The last weekend of his stay we caught a ride up to the Queen Mary in Long beach which is where the Ink&Iron convention was. I had an appointment with civ for the sat. evening. got a good amount of work done to my upper arm. and i now realize just how much time i have ahead of me untill this arm will be complete. It will honestly probably take a few years since i live 3,000 miles away and am constently broke... but in the end it will be great. Other then that we just did our daily ruitines with john included, and that was alot of fun.
Vanessa, Richard, and myself have been talking for the past few months about planning a very extensive Bicycle trip that will bring us from San Diego to Long Island. At first this was just talk of something that could be really cool. But we have all agreed that this is now something we are actually going to go through with. Leaving around april of 2010 to arive in New york a few months later. The exact details are yet to be set but it is very exciting just thinking about it. We plan to go directly east from here following the southern tier of the United States untill we his the atlantic then following the coast head north to New york. I would love to have a few others included in such a trip but its not so easy for most to just up and leave life for 3-4 months.
Not really that easy for us either though, thats why from now on we are trying our best to live life on a better budget. Start riding longer distances, and by fall have new bikes that will allow us to travel further and easier and also able to carry the loads we will need to travel with. once we have our route some what planned we will start to try and network with people online to find a few places to crash here and there so we dont have to camp or motel it every night.
It seems far away but its really only about 9 months. so saving money is the name of the game.
save MONEY
buy Bikes
Buy equiptment
save even more money so we can eat pleanty every day and have places to sleep!
we also agreed it is not outragous to apply for credit cards to help us pay our way across.
People drop thousands of dollars like its norhting on home entertainment stuff and then work and pay it off for a year or so. I think its just fine to drop the same amount on a trip of a lifetime and pay it off for a few years after. As of now i have been able to live debt free. Not owing anything to anyone. after a trip of this sort that will not be the case. and i am compleatly okay with that.
Im not gonna talk about it too much untill it gets closer. No need, i dont want to jinx anything.

O and we will be getting Internet service in our appartment in the next week or so! So maybe I will be able to stay in touch a bit better now.

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bryan heffernan said...

dude, im totally down with this trip. if i havent gone to basic training by then count me in!

Anonymous said...

I want to bicycle with you across the country. s