Update. There was a freak accident involving a dry erase board and the screen of my computer. The board is fine. My computer is not. I'm now updating via mobil. Please forgive typos. My fingers r too big for the keys. Anyways, I turned 22 4 days ago. It involved a long day of drinking and playing pooland eating chips leading up to a night of more drinking and one of the best nights in a long time. All u need are a few good people around you. And shots of. Whiskey help aswell. Woke up late the next day. Which was my real day of birth... Had a great meal at pokez then vanessa and I rode out to the sunset cliffs in ocean beach. Perfect weather. For the ride. Took a bunch of pictures. Perhaps one day they will hit the interweb. Other then this its been mostly work and play and I'm just fine with that.

I'm hungry. Later!

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mikevarga. said...

miss ya kid. wish i was in cali right about now...